Saturday, November 21, 2009

World Health Organization and the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus Scam...

One year in prison and 250,000 fine if you do not take the shot...a proposal on the pandemic...
The video says...they, but I am not sure who they this human rights? Don't we have the right to choose?

"They had to find a way to make a profit, on something they could not sell in America, they dumped the aids tainted blood in Japan and many people got sick" "No one has gone to prison over this"

"Surge in shots in children...the effects of this people move forward, is going to manifest itself in many different ways" (10 to 24 vaccines...increase..we are injecting our children 10 times the FDA approval) Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"The companies will be safe by a limitation on damages, if anything were to go wrong" In Canada, the public health agency has no plans to compensate the thousands of people that will be injured by the swine flu vaccine" "Hundreds and thousands of people will become sterile, brain damage, by taking this vaccine, they are admitting it and know that they will be sued"

Can you tell me without any doubt that the mercury in the vaccines, will cause any damage in the children? "I cannot tell you, I am not sure", "Then why are you giving these vaccines, when there is an upsurge in autism? And you continue to tell me that you are not sure?"

Watch for yourself:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Swine Flu H1N1 Virus, what is going on?

You know, there are many kinds of wars, war of violence, wars in business, war in the environmental resources and war over the rights of people.

European scientists and health authorities are facing angry questions about why H1N1 flu has not caused death and destruction on the scale first feared, and they need to respond deftly to ensure public support.
Accusations are flying in British and French media that the pandemic has been "hyped" by medical researchers to further their own cause, boost research grants and line the pockets of drug companies.
Britain's Independent newspaper this week asked "Pandemic? What Pandemic?"
France's Le Parisien newspaper ran the headline: "Swine flu: why the French distrust the vaccine" and noted a gap between the predicted impact of H1N1 and the less dramatic reality.
"Although some 30-odd people have died....the disease is not really frightening," it said. "Dangerous liaisons between certain experts, the labs and the government, the obscurity of the contracts between the state and the pharma firms have added to the doubt."
In response, scientists are walking a fine line. They say that although the virus is mild, it can still kill, and that the relatively low fatalities in Europe are in part, the result of official response to their advice.
However, in Britain, health authorities' original worst-case scenario -- which said as many as 65,000 could die from H1N1 -- has twice been revised down and the prediction is now for around 1,000 deaths, way below the average annual toll of 4,000 to 8,000 deaths from seasonal winter flu.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ferrari's Nice Red Ones

A few weeks ago, the main "fashion" shopping street was closed to traffic so people could walk around and view the new fall collection's in the shops.  At the same time, one could meander through the Ferrari collections parked in the middle of the street.  Do the upscale fashions go hand in hand with Ferrari's? I heard comments from the local Italians who are having a difficult time putting food on the table, and paying their bills, say that the exhibition was like a kick in the face, or spit in the eye.  The economy is horrible everywhere, yet at the same time, they make a big extravaganza of things that no one can afford.  Sure, wouldn't everybody want to buy a $700,000 red Ferrari Enzo?  Wouldn't most women like the opportunity to buy a 2,000 Euro blouse?  However, most of us who walked down this street, cannot even consider of buying such luxuries.  We can only dream of such things.

I have to admit, the cars were beautiful, and I mean beautiful.  To listen to the Ferrari engine roar made me think of the best sexual experience...Actually, I could see myself sitting on the front leather seat with my hair blowing through the wind and a really hot guy sitting right next to me.  He was giving me the look of love with a big smile on his face.  When I finished strolling through dreamland, I woke up and decided that I needed to play the lottery more often.  I wonder how many of the other people were dreaming like I was.

Just about everyone was taking photographs with their cell phones, or small digital camera's.  I saw some professional looking folks bouncing around in the attempt to get that perfect shot.  I took some images myself, just look at them, are they not good?

While glancing around, I had to take a shot of the "model" looking girl standing in front of one of the shops, just look at her stance, is she a professional?  I took a shot of a sweet looking foreign young man with a glint in his eyes.  He was standing proudly by a Ferrari looking as though he just made it to heaven.

I also noticed many "single" women wondering around all dressed in fancy clothes.  A person told me that they are hoping to find some rich man.  I think to myself as a response, "Can money really buy happiness, how can a women be with a person just for money and live with herself?"  I know that I sound a bit naive, and I know that people really do live that way, I just cannot imagine it for myself.  It seems to be a plastic world of unreality.

I know that if I won the lottery, I would not buy a Ferrari, I would pay off my children's and my student loans, pay cash for a nice home...or two.  I am torn between two places, Florence and the states, if I were lucky enough  I would buy two.  Then, I would invest some and continue with my passion of photography projects.  Now that is a dream!

Books:  Ferrari:  "A complete guide to all models" by, Leonardo Lcerbl
Lottery:  "Lottery Master Guide" by, Gail Howard
Student Loan:  "The Student Loan Scam: The Most Oppressive Debt in the U.S. History - and How We Can Fight Back" by, Alan Michael Collinge
Student Loan: "Zero Debt for College Grads: From Student Loans to Financial Freedom" by, Lynnette Khalfani
Student Loan: "How to Wipe Out Your Student Loans and Be Debt Free Fast:  Everything You need to Know Explained Simply" by, Michele Burgh

A Florence Wedding

It looks like a bit of confusion here on top of the hill overlooking Florence.  This is suppose to be the Big Day!  Everyday there are at least 15 Japanese weddings in Florence.  I see them in their trails of cars, walking down the streets in their wedding gowns, smiles, photographers and friends.

H1N1 Virus, old news 2005

I think that it is interesting if we just research some of our recent history we would see that these virus's seem to be changing, and returning.  I found an old posting in 2005 about the bird flu, I posted on my other website (through the lens) a recent update.

Veterinary workers place a dead duck in a plastic bag after killing it on suspicion of bird flu disease in the village of Ceamurlia de Jos (300km east of Bucharest ) in this October 8, 2005 file picture. A strain of avian influenza has been detected in samples from Romanian ducks, confirming that the virus has arrived in Europe , Romania 's chief veterinarian and the Eurpean commission said October 13, 2005 . click here for more about it.
The Italians are going crazy over this virus that is coming our way. I read in the local paper that something like 4 out of 10 people are expected to come into contact with the virus. Those are high numbers and I am living here. Italy processed an order for some of the vaccines, but the statistics show that the amount of shots ordered compared to the population will not protect the virus from spreading. (World Health Org) The elderly and children and pregnant mothers will have the first priority to get the shots.

The Pomegranate

Pomegranate from the Latin pomum granatum, means “apple of many seeds”. Some say that this is the “apple” which eve was tempted with and gave to Adam. The pomegranate is native to Asia and naturalized in the Mediterranean .

As a Jewish symbol the pomegranate is a symbol of bounty, sustenance and power, all three attributes by which women are blessed. There are 613 seeds in a pomegranate which equals the number of mitzvoth in the Torah. It is also a symbol of fertility according to the first commandment      of the Torah, to be fruitful and multiply. In Arabic folklore it is a symbol for the female breast.

In modern Greece , it represents “agatha”, the good things of life. The Greek legend of Persephone, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, death, and eternity. Pluto abducted Persephone to the underworld to set her on his throne, her mother Demeter-goddess of nature-was not happy. She grieved the world into famine so that Zeus was forced to intervene, requiring Pluto to restore Persephone to the earth. She had not eaten for in the interim. Alas, was as unhappy as she was and Persephone ate 6 pomegranate seeds to quench her thirst. The compromise was that Persephone would return to earth for 6 months, and then Hades for another six. Demeter obliged the weather to match her time, which is when the summer and winter were born.
For the Christians, the pomegranate is a symbol of hope and the Resurrection. The Romans imported pomegranates calling it “malum punicum” or “apple of Carthage .” The pomegranate was chosen as the logo for the Millennium Festival of Medicine because the pomegranate has been revered for its medicinal properties.
The “Garden Song” from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is this:
"The pomegranate speaks:
My leaves are like your teeth
My fruit like your breasts.
I, the most beautiful of fruits,
Am present in all weathers, all seasons
As the lover stays forever with the beloved,
Drunk on 'shedeh' and wine.

All the trees lose their leaves, all
Trees but the pomegranate.
I alone in all the garden lose not my beauty,
I remain straight.
When my leaves fall,
New leaves are budding.

First among fruits
I demand that my position be acknowledged,
I will not take second place.
And if I receive such an insult again
You will never hear the end of it...."

(The translation was based on Boris de Rachewiltz literal renderings into Italian of papyri and pottery dating back to 1567-1085 BCE)

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