Investigative Topics

Here is a running list of investigative topics that I have been researching on.  All articles are ones that I have written and published, regarding these topics and videos from others that I found while investigating that I found interesting. I continue to write and research and add to this list as I move along.  The topics are below, and the links to the videos or articles are below the sub-title.  I enter the most recent on the top of the list.  Please scroll, for your topic of interest.

So far, the topics are Defense Contractors and American wars covers issues like corruption, American political leaders who either own the company, have stock, on the board of the contractors.  These leaders have made important decisions regarding our wars, how and who is funded.
GMO's topics about our Food Security Policies and how they are ignored; Where the seeds are going and how they affect our global health and food security, and what our government is not doing about it.  I just started on cancer research and treatments, I ask the question, has the billions of dollars we spent really helped and does anyone listen to the results?  I also cover topics on the American and Global Economy, poverty realities, working poor, tax dollars and where it goes and our corporate, bank and wall street scandals.  Of course, I have added articles and videos on 9-11 asking the question, what really happened?  What happened afterwords?

Defense Contractors and our War's
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MIC Corruption runs Deep

Rethinking Cancer Research and Treatment
Tainted Water
America:  The History of the U.S. Dollar Value and our current economical crisis  (Article)
Thank You Mr. Boehner
Debt Plan Fact Sheet
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Italy in a Crisis - August 2011                         
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Asian Stocks Fall - Video -  August 2011
Euro on the Edge - Video - August 2011
Spanish and Italian Bond Move - Video - August 2011
July Employment Report - Article - August 2011
Making Sense of a Failing Economy - Article - August 2011
Making Sense of Bank of America - Article- August 2011

First Responder and Cancer (Video)             Death of a Firefighter (Video)
We Were Also Killed 1/2 (Video)                   10 Reasons Why the Hijackers were Fake (Video)
No Windows on the Plane (Video)                 Explosions Before Plane Hits WTC  (Video)
Bush Caught Lying About 9/11 (Video)        Proof that Bombs were used on WTC  (Video)
Bush- Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 (Video) Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (Video)
9/11 Clip taken off Air (Video)                      CNN Fake Newscast of Gulf War (Video)