Sunday, December 26, 2010

The War You Don't See 2010

John Pilger tells it just like it is.  This video reflects the reasons that I refused to be "Embedded" at the risk of my professional journalism ability to be "hired on" with mainstream media.  My consciousness would not allow me to report falsely to the public, those things which I knew were not true.  Even though during the height of the Intifada and the invasion of Iraq, it was taboo for me to talk about the realities even to my family and friends.  The social pressure in America was astounding and disappointing to me and still is.  Even after the release of the truth of the lies for the invasion into Iraq, the American people did not stand up strong enough to put pressure on the American government to withdraw.  It is about time that the journalist that were a part of this "show" admit their crime in true journalism to the world and apologize that they also misled the global community the propaganda that destroyed an entire country and so many lives.

This is this reason, that I started the  "Crossing Borders Project" to distribute camera's to those who have no voice in the mainstream media in order to provide a tool of truth from the inside of a story told by those who are affected. 

What I do not understand, is why don't the American people want to know the truth?  Why do they sit and believe the propaganda and continues to this day?  Our banking system, our wars, our poverty, the reason for so many new homeless?   Is it not more intelligent to want to know what is really going on than to believe something that will not solve our problems?

This is why I chose to remain an independent journalist, starving for the truth that no one wants to hear and only the free press will publish without paying.
It is time that we change our systems and ways of doing things as journalists.  Those who reported falsely in the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves.

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