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Why the push for 5G? This is the real question

Plans to transition to 5G around the world are already underway.  It’s an exciting and terrifying time for technology. Experts believe the new 5G cell towers are more dangerous than other towers, causing a whole new host of health problems for everyone.
5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers because of the shorter length of millimeter waves (MMV) required to support the bandwidth. According to experts, 5G uses a bandwidth with shorter waves which do not travel through buildings. To make sure the bandwidth is reliable, small cell stations will be everywhere- outside your apartment, corner of a light pole and at the local bakery. Health experts believe 5G will have a devastating impact on our health.  MORE

Educate yourself about 5G

By Jody McCutcheon
As the old saying goes, give us an inch and inevitably we’ll want a mile. And certainly, this sentiment is true with technology.
Who doesn’t want faster, bigger (or smaller), more efficient? Take wireless mobile telecommunications. Our current broadband cellular network platform, 4G (or fourth generation), allows us to transmit data faster than 3G and everything that preceded. We can access information faster now than ever before in history. What more could we want? Oh, yes, transmission speeds powerful enough to accommodate the (rather horrifying) so-called  Internet of Things. Which brings us to 5G.
Until now, mobile broadband networks have been designed to meet the needs of people. But 5G has been created with machines’ needs in mind, offering low-latency, high-efficiency data transfer. It achieves this by breaking data down into smaller packages, allowing for faster transmission times. Whereas 4G has a fifty-millisecond delay, 5G data transfer will offer a mere one-millisecond delay–we humans won’t notice the difference, but it will permit machines to achieve near-seamless communication. Which in itself  may open a whole Pandora’s box of trouble for us – and our planet.  MORE

#Cell Towers and health risks

Banning, limiting and avoiding cellphone towers 

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1. Established ill health from cellphone towers

Since the 1950s some countries have adopted biological limits. These and others have long-term rather than heating limits to cellphone tower (mobile phone mast) radiation. They also often restrict the towers to locations at least 500 meters from people’s residences.

Other countries, however, have not yet adopted biological limits and still keep to the old 6-minute heating limits proposed in the USA military in the 1950s, declared ‘obsolete’ by the European Union parliament in 2009. The USA’s FCC still has these heating limits, as does the WHO’s ICNIRP, still used by, for instance, the UK. Heating limits, averaged over six minutes, are irrelevant to long-term exposure experienced by residents living near to cellphone towers.

Since heating limits were devised by the FCC and ICNIRP:
  • This cellphone radiation has been classified as a 2B possible carcinogen.
  • 80% of medical studies show increased rates of cancer, up to 4 or 5 times, for residents within 300-400 metres of a tower. 
  • Medical studies show typical electrosensitivity symptoms near towers. 
  • Other studies have associated nearby towers and similar electromagnetic exposure with other neurological illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, ADHD, autism etc. MORE

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