Friday, May 03, 2019

#Collins blames #Dems for #Barr's absence in fiery hearing open

Anyone watch or listen to the Dems blast and insult Barr at the first hearing?  It was like watching jr. high students bully a respectible person for doing what America asked him to do.  The Dems are #bullys.  I do not blame #Barr for not going.  I wouldn't.  He went to the hearing in good faith, and then #Pelosi called #Barr a liar blasted on all of the mainstream news channels.  It makes me sick how the #American government leaders are acting.

#GrowupDemocrats #Growup


They did not provide any reason for those banned...probably for legal reasons...humm let's see who else should be quenched in their freedom of speech.  Will I be next?  Will you?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Raymond Ibrahim - Desecration of European Churches

a special interview about the 'normal' destruction of churches in France. Notre Dame was the most obvious, yet there are least 2 per day vandalized and last year 200 churches were vandelized by migrants in France. Not one really thought that Christian Persecution would happen in the 'west' however it is happening but it is not on the news.