Saturday, March 04, 2017

Obama Wiretaps Trump Before the Election

This is actually wiretap is a legal process that has to be approved by the courts.  The documents can be found and made public.  Trump did not make this up.  Obama tried two times to get approval and the first time it was denied.  The second time, Obama and his staff, changed the wording to read that the results from the tap would not be private..meaning that mudstream could have some fun and publish the results.

What CNN (Corrupt News Network) is NOT telling you is that the wiretap was done in October, just before the election.  What CNN is NOT telling you is the whole story, slanted and FAKE as usual.  This is their HEADLINE, "Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him". Notice the wording?  Not the reality of "Obama wiretaps Trump before the Election."  Now that headline reflects the truth and the reality.  Head's up people.

Obama Busted! Wire Tapped Trump Tower During Election.

This is an example of Real News...please see my example of Fake news, the CNN clip.  This is real, the other one is fake.  Now what do I mean here?  Fake means, misleading the population with biased headlines "Trump accuses Obama of Wiretapping."  That headline is misleading.  This one is not.  Do you see the difference?  Which way is your mind going to be melted to?  The reality or the lies?

The implications of what Obama did just before the election should be all over the place in the MSM Mudstream Media.  This should be blasted and the Americans should not allow the government leaders to play us like pawns.  Will Mainstream actually blast the truth?  Their record clearly shows that they will not.  So as a result more than 1/2 of the American population will fall into the propaganda lies of deceit, probably go on a rampage, take the lies as hard truth, argue with anyone that actually knows and understands the truth and as we have seen, maybe even beat them up.

Wow.  Talk about molding society into actions based on lies.  Pass this along, both clips to show the difference if anyone wants to really understand how important journalism is.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Trey Gowdy on fake news Jeff Session Russia and Democrat Adam Schiff lyi...

Read previous two posts regarding the issue of Session and the mainstream media attempting to find fault with just about anything.  It seems that this presidential election has upset a ton of people...(why?) and they just won't let know, work together and actually try to solve real American problems.  Augh.  Grow up people.  really.  We all live on the same soil, breathe the same air, have families, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, work at jobs, wealthy, poverty, hungry, like entertainment let's solve our problems.  Here Gowdy is doing really good at not falling into here bait to get him to say what she wants him to say.  He is too smart for that.

"Did Jeff Sessions Talk To Russia?" Sean Spicer Destroys ABC Reporter

You see "fake news" making something out of nothing, digging to manipulate the public view of reality.  Yes, here it is in front of your own eyes, going on each day.  You can also view my previous post.  I am also going to post what Gundy responded.  One needs to know and should know the actual responsibility of a position before reporting like this, fact checking, etc...before throwing a random news story into the air waves.

Ted Cruz dismantles Jeff Sessions Russian ambassador fake new story

SIGH. Changing the story from nothing into something, I guess mainstream is having a difficult time trying to find something wrong with the new administration and the elections so they are grasping for air.  We should not harp on either Dems or Republicans, but harp on the news to stop taking things out of context and start reporting from facts instead of assumptions.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

My Response- PewDiePie and...How news...turns fake

So with my fake news rampage, PewDiePie seriously sits and talks about his experience with...The Wall Street Journal...and how they twist and take stories out of context....This is an example on fake news attacks..getting independents out of work, an individual who is having fun, using free speech, gets falsely misrepresented that actually can destroy someones life.  What?

Now I know PewDiePie, is not an independent news outlet but a comedian.  Wall Street...he tells jokes okay?  Jokes.  Don't take things out of context with jokes?  Can the liberals take jokes anymore or do they have to whine about everything?  Is it because their own lives are miserable that they have to make others lives so miserable?  Is that it?

Anyway, this a a great example of....well....the "real fake news"

CNN Banned From White House Because Of Fake News Like This

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

USA News Is FAKED!! PROOF!! Green screens, CGI & Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!

Great explanation of how mainstream news works.  Don't believe everything that you hear.  One man owns 22 television stations.  The advertisers, etc...tell the news stations what the news is.  It is worth a watch.

How Mainstream Media Fakes The News - Behind The Scenes

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ABC News Edits Out Refugee Saying He Likes Trump

Bernie Sanders Calls CNN “Fake News” - And His Feed Is Cut Off

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"This is UNAMERICAN" Jake Tapper DESTROYS Donald Trump's CNN ban

"This is NOT okay" CNN reacts to being BLOCKED from White House

"CNN is NOT fake news" Shep Smith defends CNN on Fox News

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I am going to get on a "fake new" rampage Prepare yourself