Saturday, March 25, 2017


Have you seen this in the news?  If not, ask yourself why.  Mainstream is fake news, this is REAL news. So, what can we do about all these bird deaths, bird flu?

Monday, March 20, 2017

New Walvax 2 Aborted Fetal Cell Vaccine Created in China

Not Fake News, Not in Mainstream Media.  WI-38 vaccine with aborted white caucasian female fetus cells.  You can go to the CDC vaccines ingredient list and see WI-38 as an ingredient.  This video has the link to the CDC information.  Wake Up people Don't take vaccines, don't allow your children to have them either, or grandma.  Just saying

This Little Girl Began Feeding The Crows, Now They Bring Her Gifts

Being kind to animals, pays off!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


See?  You can't believe all that you hear.  Why?  Fake news works with agenda's.  Christianity, Gays, Rape, craziness.

The Study Shows of 14,000 U.S Deaths From Fukushima

So...RT news...Yes, Russian News has more truth than any American news outlet.  So, are you scared about the Russians?  Come On folks.  Listen, Learn, Pay attention.

Real people, real research, real discoveries.  Radiation detectors on West Coast shut down after Fukushima?  Are you kidding me?  AT RISK:  Children, Elderly and those under 150 pounds.  Thyroid cancer, leukemia...a few years after radiation exposure.

Fukushima news; Oregon SALMON COLLAPSE California COAST REPORT March 15 ...

Another topic mainstream ignores.  Something that is actually very important.  So, don't eat Pacific fish please, don't eat food from China or Japan.  CAUTION:  Language....ignore the guys, listen to their story...will ya?  Free Speech keep it alive