Saturday, October 09, 2004

Camera in Hand

Camera in Hand
October 9, 2004
By Yahya Abdul Rahman
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Hey I'm a Muslim and have video camera in my hand
Gotta keep a watch over my shoulder to look out for the man
You know a Muslim with a camera is a WMD

You know if I plan to use it I'm a threat to national security
Don't need to go to Wal-Mart to have my photo finish-ing
Just head to the CSIS office or the local R*C*M*P
But hey, who knows, maybe I will get a free trip to see the Nile
Maybe I can stay awhile
I hope they let me bring my camera with me
As in Egypt there is so much to see

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Immediate Need

Immediate Need
Susan Brannon
October 3, 2004
Ameen is a studious, warm 16-year-old honor student from  Sebastia,
an ancient town near Nablus in the West Bank .  For family  reasons having nothing to do with Ameen himself, his present host household  cannot keep him.
We dearly need to find Ameen  a new home and school as promptly and
carefully as possible.

We spent last weekend with Ameen at Sanea al-Salam~Oseh  Shalom
Family Peacemakers Camp.
Ameen is a  total pleasure.  At first quiet, he fit beautifully into
camp and  related nicely to both children and adults. After a day doing the high ropes  course, and fully participating in various outdoor and
Dialogue   relationship-building activities, he could stay up into the
later hours   skillfully taking on the best of the youth and adults in
Ameen isn't "any" kid.  He went through a rigorous  interview and
testing process to win the privilege of coming to America to  study for a
He receives a $125 monthly  check from the State Department toward
his expenses, and there is an  additional $300 stipend for incidental
expenses like school ID cards,  yearbook, and toiletries.  The program
provides medical insurance for  him.
Having Ameen in your home would mean  expanding not only his world,
but yours as well.
He is responsive, ready to help, and thoughtful.  He's a  gifted
student from a hard-working family.  His father is a farmer, his  mother a


ASSE International  Student Exchange Programs is one of the largest and
"oldest" student  exchange programs in the U.S.A. Last year, we received a
grant from the U.S.   Department of State to help run a pioneering high
school  exchange  program that brings students from countries with
predominantly  Muslim  populations to spend a year with a volunteer host
family and go to  high  school here in the USA . Please see the link below
for more  information.

U.S.   Dep't  of State --
Youth Exchange and Study  Program (YES)  --

Needed is a caring  family out there who would love a chance to think
globally and act locally,  and move beyond the stereotypes perpetuated by
traditional  media.

Required is a thoughtful host home that would treat Ameen as a  family
member  (a bed to sleep in, room can be shared with a host  sibling of more
or less  the same age, family meals and a loving  atmosphere). Ameen is
insured for  medical expenses and receives pocket  money every month from
the Department  of State. Aside from usual  kindnesses, host families do
not have any legal  or financial  responsibility for the students!

Please contact:
Marilyn Leonard, ASSE  Area Representative
3676 Woodley Drive, San Jose, CA 95148-2829
Tel: 408  528-9170    Toll free: 888-267-5707
E-mail: or