Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Discovery: US Media Lies and the Palestinian Conflict

A must see documentary:  In line with my Crossing Borders Project and my work with the Palestinian Women, not to mention living there and working as a photojournalist/humanitarian journalist.  This video reflects the real truth in regards to the US media and propaganda, Country Public Relation tactics and its effect on the rest of the world.  The media today does not represent real and true news, and I am speaking from in field experience as a past photojournalist in the West Bank and Israel.

What this video reveals, is the base for the development of "The Crossing Borders Project" I tried to find a way to let the people speak, themselves about the truths and lives living under this oppression.  My voice is not strong enough, but theirs could be.  When I was there, there were many independent news outlets that were shut down through the internet and bombings.  This occupation must stop and the world should wake up and demand that peace resides and the abuse stops...even against the journalists working in the Middle East.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Project Clover Leaf: Chemtrails Government Interview Part 1

I decided to publish this (and more) video regarding an interview with a person who worked for the government, a Lover of America who felt like this information needed to be released. Please listen to this radio interview and the ones that follow on my separate blog the "Mad Activist" I included the first video on this blog, but to view the other, please view the above blog. This is a subject that I believe we should be aware of and pay attention to. Many folks out there say that Chemtrails, are a part of a conspiracy theory and that term iludes to the person being "looney". However, we must not ignore things that are released and should research the topics for ourselves.