Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Zacharia Sitchin - Are We Alone in the Universe? part 4

Zacharia Sitchin - Are we alone in the universe? part 3

Zacharia Sitchin - Are We Alone in the Universe? part 2

Zacharia Sitchin - Are We Alone in the Universe? part 1

Criminal Rothschilds

George Carlin ~ The American Dream

Monday, January 02, 2012


The Academic Working Poor

American soldiers describe how they can kill civilians

Permission to kill. Planting weapons on the victims bodies to receive approval in the killings.

The real terrorist was me US Soldier -

This speech is well said, written and true.

American soldier "I killed innocent people"

iraq war: us soldier tells his story and hands back his awards.

A blurb in the middle of the homeless and Working Poor stream. As a recent war photojournalist, I felt that this video was important for me to insert onto my blog.  His description of the house raids, reminds me of the experiences with the Israeli's and their night time house raids in Palestine.  I wonder did we teach the Israeli's this tactic, or did they teach us?

Living In Our Vans - USA

Some of these Videos are older, but the problem still remains

How To Survive While Being Homeless

Did You Know the U.S. Middle Class is Disappearing. These stats prove it.

The stats are a little outdated and today the numbers are higher as stated in my article, The Working Poor. However, the story is still the same and this is a good video with short clips to get the reality across to what is really going on in America.

Living in the tunnels of New York City

Some may call this man living in the New York city tunnels homeless, but is he?

The new face of hunger 99ERS Middle Class ONE 'face' of the unemployed

Voices of the working poor.

How to have a home with no house payments and no utility bills!

In these economic times, you may find yourself in a bit of a squeeze for places to live. This video will provide you an option for a different type of living! If you must sell your home, or it is foreclosed, and you know that you have to move with a very limited or no income..but you will need some investment money. This video tells you how to live on "your land" without payments. By this video you will need about 3-4 thousand to start with. Enjoy!

How to Live in Your Car

Great practical tips on living in your car and other being homeless tips.

How to survive homelessness with style!

How to build a Gertee for living in using recycled materials. Homeless people can go to the library to get more information on building a gertee...but you will need the space to build it without someone tearing it down before you are finished and once you move in.

How to eat when your homeless, with Papadoc, your homeless Martha Stewart

A homeless tells us how to make a meal in your car while you are homeless. You will need a few things, freeze dried food, a thermos and some hot water from a 7 to 11! I wonder if the companies he advertises would want to pay him for his advertising. What a twist in advertising.