Friday, April 21, 2017

North Korea, China, Japan, Russia, in a nutshell.

Conflict in Asia is moving fast and difficult to analyze quickly.  First of all, it is hard for me to trust mainstream given their admitted "fake news" with the NY Times. (video below this article).  Taking what is out there for us to cypher through takes being there to really know the reality.

Second, North Korea launched a failed missile last week to show muscle strength.  (video below). I doubt that NK has the weapons that can reach the west coast of the United States.  The way they may be able to succeed is by the use of submarines.  However, President Trump and other nations are attempting to peacefully hold them back through sanctions.  We need to have a good relationship with South Korea and their election for a new president will be in the beginning of May.  It would be best if Trump would wait to see who gets elected to understand their stance on the threat of conflict in that region.  At this point, South Korea and Japan are quickly installing a THAAD anti-missle system to track and shoot down incoming rockets from hitting the ground.  Surely, they feel the tension in the region.  North Korea, regularly threatens Japan, but this time with other nations ships in the sea, they feel the threat has increased in possibilities.

I do not think that North Korea will launch a nuclear weapon, because to do this would be suicide for them and Kim Jung Un is an intelligent man.  Culturally, he need to flex some muscles at this point.  It is also important to be aware that the need to maintain ones identity in face of the perceived threat from the US, is culturally strong.  When any nation, including the United States feels threatened, they will not just sit down and watch.  As with any leader, the leader must show equal force to the threat and take a stand for his or her people and country.

China's foreign minister views our presence as a threat to the region and would like us to withdrawal our missiles and stated that the US and North Korea are like" two speeding trains hurtling towards each other", he revealed in his speech  (video below) Yesterday, China continued to conduct training exercises near the Korean peninsula as their way of showing NK, to be careful.  Although China requests that the US withdrawal our nuclear weapons, they

Many nations have felt threatened either perceived or real with the election of President Trump, after he decided to have a clear military presence of generals near his side.  When military strength starts to become evident and flocked around, people get nervous keeping in mind the continuous military take incursions of other nations.  Iraq is a good example of a war that has been continuous costing trillions of US dollars and killing thousands of people was based on lies that were admitted and yet that "war" that was said to have stopped rolls on and on.  We have started wars over the bombing of the Trade Towers and yet, it is not yet proven without a doubt who was responsible and how the buildings fell down.  The US is still in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now Syria because of the US created (admitted) ISIS group, then Osama Bin Ladan, who does not exist anymore...or does he?  (I had to throw that in there). Of course the other nations do not trust the US who flexes its muscles at whomever it desires to do so.

In the meantime, Iran is in the picture with the United States considering lifting sanctions on nuclear deals.  (video below) while Russia warns the US if they attack North Korea (video below). Russia feels that moving the DPRK missiles is not a way to come to a peaceful resolution.  I agree.

The UN Security Council warns NK from continuing with their nuclear tests or face sanctions while Russia moved troops and equipment to the NK border.  (video below) It is time for Kim Jung Un to humble himself before his people and stop the testing of his weapons.  He is surrounded by armies of many nations and to continue to do his testing could possibly be an act of suicide.

Now keep in mind that there has been an international problem with North Korea for a long time and this conflict has finally come to a head, hopefully they can resolve this problem peacefully.

As for Syria, they recently moved its warplanes to a Russian base in fear of US strikes.  (today, 20 April). Nikki Haley the US ambassador to the United Nations said that "Regime Change in Syria is now a top priority for Trump."  We knew that a regime change was the objective, and this is against Russia's desires.  Note:  Regime change was a concern 6 months and a year ago.  It seems that Trump is keeping the same objectives as the past presidents of the US.  (video's below)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Venezuela: Riots in Caracas as ‘Mother of All Protests’ escalates

Venezuela is in the middle of a huge economic crisis the people stand in line for hours to acquire what little food is on the shelves.  Rioting hits the streets daily.  The people are fed up and yet, unlike Arab Spring, there is a media blackout.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This is How You Harm the Image of Independent News and the Fight against MSM

This is an example of how independent news can get a bad rap.  He does uncover some things, and somehow has a ton of money to report...but doing this?  Is not creditable for the battle against MSM.

Harming the Battle Against Mainstream by doing this

This is an example of how independent news can get a bad rap.  He does uncover some things, and somehow has a ton of money to report...but doing this?  Is not creditable for the battle against MSM.

Live Steve Stephen planing his rampage full clip: taken off the air; put up again

On 28 April, I was putting tags on this blog, when I noticed that this clip was taken off the air.  Why?
Sorry folks, it is not here anymore.

Is this real?  He realizes that he snapped, but still plans on killing another person?  he is talking about shaming, not going to work etc...strange. I feel like something is off here with the media.  If they could catch an independent journalist reporting in the field, streaming live, then why could they not find this shooter?

CPD To Shut Down Live Stream, on independent media. Censorship

Censorship, of independent media, reporting on the Cleveland shooter with 30,000 people watching a live stream

Google Boycotted Easter

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Loneliness by Carter Conlon

This is great.  Today we have more lonely people in America than before.  With the distance of families, social networking, Facebook, staring at phones rather than conversations at dinnertime.  Running here and there on this metro, or bus, or alone in your car.  This is encouraging.