Monday, May 14, 2018

AP Photo

This is happening everywhere, it is time that someone stood up. Even my newspaper has been cutting people out. Imagine going from 73 journalists to 10, just imagine the workload or from 45 to 12. This is done anymore for profit and okay profit is okay..but at what expense? This compromises the integrity of the news, its workers and the people who read the news.  Mr. Alden, an investor who could care less about journalism integrity, made $160 million profit last year while the journalist become article mills with half-information, rushed deadlines and no breaks due to the cutbacks. It's called slavery and starvation for those who actually want to report well, real news.  Articles are in reality paper fillers to make an excuse for advertising and nothing more.  It's not about news, it's about profit.  Keep on keeping on Folks who work for Mr. Alden!  Read all about it below