Monday, June 28, 2004

Life after the war

This is a blog from someone who lived and worked in war in the Middle East. Yes, a female photojournalist at her best. The ups and downs the stories that everyone always asks me about. The truth of the matter. Yes, have had death threats, emails that bottlenecked my mail, hate letters and love letters.

This is a new quiet moment for me. Is there such a thing as post tramatic stress syndrome? They say yes, I say...I don't know.

Some repeated soldiers do not have PTS, they say it is because they have learned the difference between reality and what is is not normal. They know that when they go to where is is not normal in war, that is what they expect. I wonder what will become of our soldiers returning to America in the next few years. Torture. What about their minds? What will become of those?

I just viewed from a distance the realities of war. I photographed, talked to crying mothers and looked into the eyes of the children. Picking up the pieces. I gather a hard thing to do.