Friday, October 06, 2017

People are still living in FEMA's toxic trailers

Don't forget what FEMA did with their trailers....Guys if you are still living in one of these....I am not sure if there is any legal recourse. 

Five in Ten 10/5/17: Facebook and Russia

Okay, #Russia linked political advertisements on #Facebook totaled around $50,000.  The statement is that this said $50,000 tilted the presidential election towards #Trump with its much in fact, that Trump won.  Whereas, #Hillary okay...get this...I will repeat..#Hillay spent. umm how much for her campaign?  Well, she spent $1.2 BILLion on her campaign.

Not to mention that the statement says Russian influenced...this could mean a Russian American immigrant..possibly?

So, this means that #Facebook has so much influence on the #American people it influenced them to vote for #Trump over #Hillary with $50,000 in advertisements compared to $1.2 BILLION using television, mainstream influence, Facebook (yes, she advertised on Facebook also)  Oh, if we could all change the world with $50,000!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Mandalay Bay mystery: Where's all the expended BRASS?

This guy makes some great points.  It was the bullet shells that made me wonder...not enough of them in the images.  I have to mention that I was a war photographer and saw many bullets laying on the ground after a shooting of automatic rifles during a battle, or by snipers.  This image does not reflect the realities that I personally encountered.  I understand that a lot has been coming out on this, after this posting and as time creeps on.  Follow up on this blog for follow ups.

Five in Ten 10/4/17: Did Paddock Have a Guest at the Mandalay Bay Hotel?

At around 6 minutes he talks about euthanasia in Quebec and the Netherlands.  It is something to keep an eye on in our laws.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Monday, October 02, 2017

Five in Ten 9/28/17: Paid Patriotism, Pointless Protest

NFL Teams getting paid by our tax money to propagandize the American mind.  Don't forget how many billions they get from their profits in one year...1 billion