Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Portland: 4 hour-long rally and march from PSU includes arrest

New York Occupy 11-15-2011. Occupy New York 70 people arrested. Police T...

Protesters flood back to 'Occupy' NY park

Al Jazzera provides great videos.

Syria's 'bloodiest day' leaves scores dead

Syria's violence has increased, and has not stopped. Russia is providing the Syrian government (Assad) weapons. It is those that sell the weapons for violating human rights, are also the countries that support the violence, deaths, in spite of the international laws. These weapons are used for war crimes, and a large profit is made for the countries that supply the weapons. I call this blood money.

مسائية قرية الجرذي. 16/11/2011

Don't forget Syria. Does this look familiar? It is the same as occupy, at least in this video, but in a different language. They have not given up. The Syrian revolt has been ongoing for 8 months and the pressure is now on Assad, from the Arab League.

News Wrap: Up to 90 Reportedly Killed in Ongoing Syrian Violence

Let's not forget Syria.

Italy's new government sworn in

Profile: New Italian PM, Mario Monti

In English

Maurizio Crozza a Ballarò su Mario Monti, Governo, crisi 15 11 2011 - Ur...

In Italian, comedian

parlamento europeo benigni

This is in Italian for those who know Italian! It is great!