Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Greenwald: Empowering the "Deep State" to Undermine Trump is Prescriptio...

Wow Democracy Now!  Put this out?  At least some of the news outlets are addressing the problems with "Deep State" that exercises their powers without subjection to democracy.  Designed for propaganda and exert power separate and most of the time opposing the in power administrations.

Silent Coup: Obama, FISA, NSA, Deep State vs. President Donald Trump

Mark Levin Obama spied on President Trump 'Evidence is overwhelming'

Newt Gingrich on Bill O'Reilly Obama wiretapping 'Excellent disclosures ...

Monday, March 06, 2017

Tension is rising in America, the pot is about to tip over: America in Crisis

Okay, I must admit we are in interesting times here.  The Dems are mad at Trump winning and becoming the President of the United States...questioning the reality of the election, counts...(they tried).  They truly believe that Trump is not really the President.  It is coming out that Obama wiretapped Trump one month before the election.  That is actually not legal, to impose and listen to other parties plans, objectives, conversations etc...because it interferes with true competition for the political party.

Okay, so I understand that the Dems are not happy with what Trump is doing...although to be honest I can't understand why.  He is already working on more jobs, higher paying than the service industry through increasing manufacturing in America.  Charging higher tariffs on incoming products as the other countries charge us, developing programs for our failing infrastructure, and vetting new immigrants who want to enter into this country.  If I want to be a part of the EU, I have to be vetted, I have to prove that I can pay my way...so why have we not been doing that here?  My tax money should go to those in need, who are Americans, homeless and hungry first.  What is wrong with that?

In the end, there are rumors of a Coup by Obama against Trump.  I have NOT checked any FACTS on this but I can see how the previous administration is using mainstream (back to mainstream and molding the minds of the public) to encourage civil outrage against Trump.  This is illegal, and is explained in this video.  It is clear that a strategic plan has been put into place from those who want Trump out, from the Russian involvement with the election, to trying to oust Session all the while crying "FAKE NEWS".  This way, when truths are leaked most of the public will roll their eyes and view the information as FAKE, thus blinding the people to the reality that is going on behind closed doors.

Realities that Trump nor anyone who is a logical and intelligent thinker would NOT cry out "wiretapping" making it public if they did not have the proof.  Session?  Well, who else met with the Russian ambassador while the country had to be run during an election?  I bet there is a list...I should find it.  The country does not stop running during an election, paychecks need to roll out, decisions need to be made.  Session is just to side track the public away from something else, some other news or political event.  Like possibly the wiretapping.

In the end, Someone wants power, someone wants money it is all about greed.  At least that is what I think when people can and are willing to do crazy things.  To gain access and control.  It is difficult to loose control once you have had it and if you have a big head, then it is even harder.

Tension is rising and the pot is at the boiling point.  In reference to my previous work in war zones and having a masters in conflict analysis, all it will take is one little thing to tip over the pot.  All I can say is that something is going on and it may effect the common citizen, I cannot tell you what, but just be awake, aware, research everything and prepared.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Who better to batter about Fake News than an Independent Reporter?

I just want to say that if anyone has the right to get on a rampage about fake news it is myself due to my background and experience working in the Middle East wars as a female independent journalist.  I have been spurting "fake news" for over a decade.  Of course, I am small and not known anymore at least in America, no one even my family believed/s what I have been saying about what you are being told through mainstream, who owns it, what happens and the consequences of the lies and deceptions that even then I knew would take place....I am talking about my Middle East experience.

On the day of 9-11, I was in Jerusalem.  I had a phone call and she said turn on your TV and then hung up.  I listened to the terminology being used within hours and the increase as time went on.  It was clear, we were going to justify another war.  Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, more terrorism, evil people, enemies, etc.  I am not saying this to minimize those who died in 9-11 and the shock that our country went through.  I am stating what I saw was obvious and from there it was obvious that the towers did not fall down because of a simple airplane on the top floors.  The building was too big for that.  I have seen planes crash into buildings, and they did not crumble, and they were houses, much smaller don't you think?

I went into Iraq, because what good Middle East professional truth telling photojournalist would not? I saw the truth, I reported the truth and was labeled as anti-American, an activist (by editors in America).  Nothing sold in America, but my work sold worldwide everywhere else.  Yes, it was before the increase of propaganda and lies, at the beginning of the decision to go into Iraq.  Later, many other countries joined the club, but the people still wanted the truth and the truth they got.

Yet, I saw firsthand so many lies and truths being ignored by mainstream, you name them, they were there.  And yes, even Reuters and AP, they did not want the story if someone did not die.  No one wanted on the ground real stories, the lives and effects from the war.  

Yes, I went around Iraq, looking for weapons of mass destruction.  I did not find any.  Only confused Iraqi's who were happy to walk on bridges.  Did you see anyone interview the only Catholic Bishop in Baghdad after and American incursion very early in the morning looking for weapons in his church?  Nope.  Never published here in the good ole states.

So if anyone deserves to go on this path during a time when mainstream, who feed the very lies to you for years is saying that WE are fake?  

Problem is, I started before blogging, I did it the old fashioned way before videos were desired and short clips were most viewed.  I did this before You Tube and Blogger and Word Press.  Before these new outlets, one had to have their feet on the ground and know people to get work to survive.  It was not a problem.  Now, it is different and independent news like I know it, where you actually go and talk and walk and investigate and live in an area to get the facts seem to be yesterday.  

But I would say to you, something to consider...Do you get the facts from journalists/independents who scroll online and research the internet for the facts?  No, you do not get on the ground reporting. So in the end, even independent news has been degraded.  It is my firm belief that the only way to get the real news is to be there yourself.  Walking around, interviewing, looking and searching, photographing, writing, typing and more.  This is the only way to get true independent real news.

I wish that I could find a way to get support/jobs from real agencies that would allow me to get back to the world that I knew, that I am good at, that I can do.

Now?  I work at a retail store, evenings and weekends at less that livable wage.
Thanks folks.

Freedom of Speech: The Walls Are Closing In - The David Icke Dot-Connect...

Okay, so in line with "fake news" I had to put this out there folks.  The term fake news that is pointed from mainstream media to the independent agencies/individuals implies that what those outside of the big names are reporting is not real, misrepresented, not fact checked, lies and not to be believed by the general public.  It implies that only the MSM's are authorized and professional enough to be believed by the general public.

However, the term "fake news" towards the independents suffocate the ability to use freedom of speech, say what they will, how they want and talk about what they desire.  (such as I in this blog). How is this suffocating?  Well, Facebook is not doing a "fake news watch" Google, puts everyone down at the bottom of their searches and twitter bans some folks while Google removes advertising and You Tube either deletes them or bans advertising from their channels.

This in turn minimizes any little income someone who is actually trying to be truthful and get the word out, it decreases visibility to possibly get requests to give talks to generate a small income and the donor list decreases because the ability to be visible decreases.

When MSM's say "fake news" they are saying, "We don't want you to talk about those things, or reveal these facts, or change the political arena, generate truth to the populations, i.e. GMO's, (Monsanto) etc...because if you say these things, then we cannot have control of the population and fight our wars and spend trillions!  Okay, I am ranting here.

Point is this:  it is attacking the Freedom of Speech.  Here is another example of the attack on Freedom of Speech.  Not only in America folks, but worldwide.

Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake!

Homeless guy spits some truth.

This homeless man speaks truth.  Back to the Crossing Borders Project and a bit of humanity...remember to give, love and smile.

CNN Host: Naked Men in Girl's Locker Room with 12-Year-Olds Should Be Al...

CNN Host, thinks that 12 year old girls should not mind naked men with their penis showing in a girls locker room.  You really want to trust this guy?

100% Video Proof: Bill, Hillary, Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Edwards, etc...

Don't forget...MSM's did NOT fact Check.  Since then, we have spent trillions on war that was not needed and killed at least a million human beings....oh not to mention destroy several countries and displace millions of refugees into Europe which is causing economic collapse.

Hillary Clinton's Superdelegate Corrien Brown Sentenced To 357 Years In ...

This was hidden in mainstream.  I just found it...Fox covered it...but really?  Come On MSM

More current fake news examples...CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc.

Trump - Obama Wire Tapped Trump in Last Month of Campaign, 1530

Here are some of the documents to prove that this occurred.  Just understand that mainstream is not saying all.

Let's see who met with the Russian Ambassador!

Ben Stein Slams CNN, on CNN: You are ‘Hoping to Do’ to Trump ‘What You D...