Saturday, June 01, 2013

Walmart and Sherwood, Oregon have teamed up!

1 June 2013

I just found out that Walmart is coming to my neighborhood and may one day be coming to a neighborhood near you!  Can't you wait?  Low wages, more traffic, your neighborhood mom and pop shop will close down within a year and less choices of products to chose from.  Forget about buying things make in the U.S.

But wait!  There is more!  Not only do you bring more poverty into your own neighborhood, but you get to bring more slavery into China, more environmental toxic wastes will get dumped into both China and your own neighborhood!

Who can beat such a bargin!  Stop by and shop at Walmart today.

A bit about Sherwood, Oregon...from my perspective as a non-lifelong citizen.  Sherwood is all about the small town feeling, we have plenty of trees, parks and walkways.  We have one Highschool and Middle School, one nice and clean small library and cute and nifty downtown with old traditional buildings.  This is a family town, clean cut, mainly Christian and low in crime.  Everyone seems to know just about everyone and most of the folks grew up together.  We have your involved citizens, with the girl scouts, schools and development and we have your new families with stay at home moms running after their children or driving them around.

This great picture of a peaceful community is about to change and it is all because of corruption and greed.  Yes, this is what I said.  Rumors are:  One of the commissioners actually owned the land and sold it to Walmart for development.  But just before that, the zoning changed to allow this development.  It is also said that it is required for the local city government to announce the planning and request to build a new development.  It is supposed to be advertised, posted with signs on the property, in newspapers and hold an open local meeting for community discussion.

Well, none of that happened.  The Sherwood citizens found out about the Walmart after the fact.  For me this is corruption.  (uhh ohh, am I now blacklisted from this wonderful community for calling the cards as they are?)

You can imagine, if you have been following my blog over the years, that I am an anti-Walmart fan, I am person for justice and human rights. Once I discovered that in my very own community a Walmart of all things was in the future,  I was speechless for about two hours. I had to keep my head together because I was working.  Actually, I was under the impression that Sherwood was promoting the growth of small businesses and encouraging them to remain.  I actually thought that the city commission was against big businesses such as Walmart so I never imagined that one would be in my own backyard.  I was wrong and therefore shocked.

Please stay tuned to the postings about the progress and actions of our community against this Walmart.  I cannot but help writing and taking action to try to make this stop.  Please read some of the previous articles on this blog about Walmart linked below.  Don't worry, there is more to come on this topic!

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