Thursday, October 06, 2005

Do I need to write something about photojournalism here?

Do I need to write something about photojournalism here?
Okay, Yes, photojournalism is an interesting subject especially the war ones. We've seen it all.
Yes, I have interviewed suicide bombers, been in suicide attacks, been shot at, guns pointed at me by nervous young soldiers, spit on, yelled at, my shoulder was used to cry on, been trapped in between tanks and couldn't get out. Been watched by snipers on rooftops, been lied to, picked up on, scared, lonely and nervous.
There is nothing like it. an adrenalin rush to say the least. Addictive. Exhilarating! It is hard to walk away from and stop before I become one of the numbers of the journalist killed during reporting. What are we to do once we stop? Where do we go and how do we change our networks to sell our photos? These are good questions and if anyone has an answer please feel free to send me an email. (posted on 6th of October 2005)
Another note: If you read below, I was going to do a photo a day...well...ehhh ummm. I have not begun yet. okay I will do it. I have to get organized. I will put them on the left side. where the tanks and destruction photos are. Oh what a mess.

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