Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Four Years of the Intifada

Four Years of the Intifada
The First Victim was a 47 year old disabled man. One Day after the 4 Year mark, there has been3,342 Palestinians killed since September 28, 2000.

Susan Brannon
Yesterday three Palestinians were killed in Nablus and one in Rafah and one in Khan Younis. Read the article below to see the violations of Human Rights Issues due to war. The beginning of five years of occupation. A total 4,342 Palestinians and Israelis killed. Of those 1,008 were Israeli and 3,334 Palestinian. 82% of Palestinians killed were civilians.
621 Children Killed under the age of 17
10,000 Chilren have been injured
424 Palestinians killed by assassinations
100 Women in Prison
377 Children in Prison
$1 Billion dollars of damage in the infrastructure
50% of Agricultural losses
298 Schools shelled or broken, where 4 children killed
No drinking water in Gaza
Water consumption is 5 times more for Israelis
Settler water consumption is 20 times more
703 movement restrictions
55 women forced to give birth at checkpoints with 20 loosing their children
The Wall is twice as high and three times as long as the Berlin Wall
40,000 Palestinians are imprisoned inside the Wall at Qalqalia
22,000 homes have been destroyed in Rafah, Gaza
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A day and the life in Palestine read below:
The Palestinian Monitor reports:
Israeli soldiers killed Saleh Ibrahim Balalo, a 47-
year-old mentally disabled man, when he left his house during a
curfew in the Jenin refugee camp. Due to his condition he was not
aware that a curfew was in place. He was shot in the chest and
killed instantly. This is the second day the Jenin camp has been
subject to military operations in which Israelis are conducting a
house-to-house search campaign. Yesterday Israeli forces invaded
Jenin with 70 military vehicles, two Apache helicopters, and one
surveillance aircraft.
Yesterday three Palestinians were killed in Nablus. Sayel Jibara, a
father of ten from the village of Salem, was driving people from
Nablus to his village when he decided to bypass a checkpoint that
had closed the road. Near the Alom Morei settlement, an Israeli
settler in a car stopped them, ordered the driver and three
passengers to exit the car, and shot the driver at close range,
killing him. According to witnesses, there was no provocation or
reason for the killing. Jibara is the breadwinner for his children,
aged 2 to 16, three of whom have problems with their eyes, as well
as his wife, father, and mother. He was killed while trying to make
the money to feed his family.

The two other Palestinians killed in Nablus were Ammar Abu Nafiseh,
age 21, and Ahmed Nidal el-Tirawi, age 18, from the Balata refugee
camp. Israeli forces invaded the camp yesterday and closed all the
entrances except one southern entrance, where they stationed five
Jeeps. Throughout the day, young people came to the area to throw
stones at the Jeeps, and Israelis responded with live fire. Ammar
was killed by one bullet to his chest and one to his leg. Ahmed was
killed by one live bullet to his eye.

Yesterday, a Palestinian named Masoud al-Shaher, 31 years old from
Rafah, was killed when Israelis fired a missile at his car from an
Apache helicopter in an attempt to assassinate Mohamad Suleyman Abu
Nasireh in Abasan village in Khan Younis. Abu Nasireh survived and
is in moderate condition with shrapnel wounds.

In Khan Younis, Said al-Madhoun, 61 years old, was killed when
Israelis from Navet Kalim settlement opened fire in a civilian area.
Al-Madhoun was visiting a relative who works in an Elementary School
for Boys run by the UN. According to an eye-witness, Said was shot
by a live bullet to his stomach while he was standing in the yard of
the school.

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