Sunday, May 01, 2011

Oman, Sohar and Muscat Revolution 2011 Summary

Susan Brannon
May 1, 2011
The protests started on the 17th of January and are ongoing.
They want salary increases, more jobs, against local corruption, to lower the costs of living, increasing the minimum wage, less media control, better living conditions, abolition of taxes, a trial for ministers against corruption, the limitation of cabinet members terms to four years and the reduction of foreign workers.
They are protesting in the forms of demonstrations, riots and sit-ins.
As of 28th of April there have been 2-6 deaths(see below) and 20 injured.

The demostrations started small with around 200 people and increased as the protests continued, by the 1st of March over 2,000 protesters were in the street and blocked the port in Sohar.  There were riots, and vandalism.  Because some of the citizens complained, the police were asked to crackdown on the protests and sit-ins.

The government denied that six protesters were killed, but Reuters visited the hospital and quoted the hospital saying that six people were killed after the police fired rubber bullets in Sohar north of Muscat.
Oman: Insurgency and development (Conflict studies)
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