Friday, July 22, 2011

Reading the ingredients

Susan Brannon
 22 July 2011
I started a petition asking for the labeling of GMO food products and I need thousands of signatures.  In the meantime, we can know the brands that have GMO ingredients, we can buy products labeled Non-GMO, and purchase 100% organic, or, grow our own food.
As it stands, the FDA is governed by the Food, Drug and  Cosmetic Act which is only concerned with food "additives" or food products that are considered "GRAS" meaning, generally recognized as safe.
The FDA believes that non GMO foods and GMO food products are equal and not subject to labeling.  I understand that the cost of labeling and creating a new "regulation" to do such would require some Federal funding.  However, our health is important as well, or shall I say our nations health.
Yet, in 2000 an international trade agreement was established and more than 130 countries signed for the labeling of GMO food products. That was 10 years ago and counting.  This agreement gives the countries the right to decide for themselves and the risks involved to reject GMO foods.  So far, Europe has followed in the embargo of GM foods, but the citizens continue to fight when a threat of allowing production in Europe arises.
In the end, it is us, the consumer, that will be the final voice.  We must chose to purchase only non GMO foods, ban the brands that use GM ingredients, and through the pocket our voice will be strong and clear.  It is call consumer demand.
Remember, when the consumers started to demand organic foods?  It was difficult to find the foods and much more expensive.  You had to go to specialty stores and read the labels very carefully.  I now see organic foods in the grocery store chains, not a lot but some.  The demand for healthier foods is getting stronger and the result is that the producers will need to meet those demands if they want to stay in business.
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