Saturday, October 14, 2017

This Declassified Document Is Exposing American's History: Fake Event Cuba

Don't forget the history in America.  This document was released from top secret from 1962 involving the takeover of Cuba.  Inform yourself on the history and ask yourself if they would stop doing this type of actions.  Inform yourself so you will understand the things that could and have gone on today while you are alive.  Propaganda, stage attacks (capture friendly saboteurs) incite riot, blow up base, inside and outside of base, sabotage harbor, sink ship, conduct funerals for "mock" victims...Conducting funerals for fake victims.  Secure water supplies, power supplies, the main incident can be arranged in several forms.  Please research and do not forget the American history.  False photos, false stories...attack on ship as a provocation for often has that happened?

Open your eyes, if something does not look right...listen to your brain and logic.  They play with our heart strings.

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