Saturday, February 17, 2018

#Mueller and His Sad Handmaid #Rosenstein Dump This Pathetic 37-Page Indic...

#Muellerindictment explained for those who can't see reality for themselves. It is not illegal to be for a candidate who is running for the is not illegal for  a Russian to be for a candidate in another country. It is not illegal to express those thoughts on social media by the way...indictments against someone doing this? Really? Are you next? Can we now as in myself also not say that this is silly with millions and years spent on this? Are We going to get arrested too? Did they indite #Facebook for allowing these fake advertisements on their site? hum? scratch scratch. There is nothing here that shows Trump was involved at all, can ask who was behind it?  Who lied to the FBI? #Rosenstein? Oh My!

Where was the #FBI with the #Florida shooting? Why do we have the FBI anyway? They have been caught with their pants down so to speak, lying (#Comey) ignoring citizens who report a possible problem, known for selling guns and catch the people? hum. scratch scratch

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