Tuesday, November 24, 2009

6 year limit for the criminal court system and Berlusconi

In a thousand polemics, criticism, fighting on numbers and calls for no vote "laws ad personam" (so to President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano) the bill for short processes (establishing a six-year maximum duration of procedures) begins in the Senate on its passage through Parliament.

So Pier Luigi Bersani, secretary of the Democratic Party: "That is certainly an issue of justice for citizens given the length of trials. We not only are willing to discuss it, but we've already submitted four draft bills. But now weWithdraw these rules are a punch in the eye - he insisted Bersani - because with this law is abolished only white-collar jobs and for us it is not possible. "

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from Doha does not yet know who wants to talk about justice, but that will come proclaiming the 'right time' to do so. And it will come on television, in front of all Italians. The reform and the political controversy in recent days, Berlusconi announced that Italians will explain "what is the situation where we are."

Capezzone - "What happened yesterday on the networks of public service broadcasting would be literally unthinkable in any other advanced Western countries," said Daniele Capezzone today, spokesman of the PDL, about the intervention of Judge Spataro transmission "In 1 / 2 hours. "" The idea that a judge be allowed to determine what government, parliament, majority and opposition can, can not, should or should not do, is simply the moon. And the most disturbing - he concludes - is that the left, blinded by hatred antiberlusconiano not even capable of posing the problem. "

And here is the Italian Parlement, fighting, talking, broadcasting and never really getting anywhere in the real world. There are discussion on all the talk shows, the people talk in the streets what they think about the limitation of the court system. Some wonder about the murders, the real crime, the mafia. But most importantly, it is the immigrants who will not be held by the new law. Their process can last as long as it needs to. So be it. If you are not born Italian, but have the right to live and vote in the country, you are defined by the rule of your birthright. Like it or not.

Berlusconi, has a lot going against him as far as lawsuits are concerned...he passed the law that he cannot be touched by the law while ruling the country. This is his way of trying to get out of the mess he made when his time runs out.

The court system here can lag on for decades...and even more. The Italians have the ability to stretch out just about anything, from a quick snack to enforcing and fighting over justice and lawsuits. Justification is the rule here. It is said that anyone can justify any action, or so it is tried.

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