Friday, December 04, 2009

Be Willing......21 Days until Christmas

Today is the day you hand your troubles to God. Nothing is too big for him to handle. Be willing to consider the possibility that God can do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

We have the unique ability to hold on to everything, old clothes, old notes, old friends things that might put a stress in our lives.

We walk around worring if that boy will really like me, how can I buy the shoes that I must have, worried if our hair will stay right during the day...we can just titter ourselves into a frenzy.

Worry causes anxiety, the worry gets bigger the more you worry!  Sometimes we drain ourselves by doing to much analysing or controlling of situations, or we put too much effort into gathering information before making a decision or feeling at ease. 

Don't you want to get out of the mess?  Get rid of the stress and worry?

Let go and let God do the work!  Lay it all down on the table before him, and be willing to let him take charge. Trust that he will take care of it.  Not when he feels like it, not if you say it enought, because he already knows, and is will do it once you hand it over to him.

This does not mean, you are quitting, or giving up.  When you let go, you are allowing/creating space in your life for change to occur!

Just sit down for a few moments, and give God a list big or small.  Imagine yourself just handing it all over and walking away, while he has the big list in his hands.

Smile and do not look back and relax a little.  Know that HE is bigger than our list, be willing to walk away and let go and let God!  Be willing to be "unstuck" from your troubles.  Don't hold on to them like glue.

Remind yourself, when you get down on things, that you already gave it for someone much bigger to take care of.

Now it is our responsibility to listen, forget and forgive ourselves.
Sit back and watch God work in our lives!

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