Monday, June 27, 2011

Brands that Have GMO ingredients

I started the GMO labeling petition posted on this blog, please sign.
I made a list of major Brands that have GMO products:
Knowing which companies use GMO ingredients can help you to stay away from them. Even some "natural foods" companies make foods with genetically modified ingredients. Not surprisingly, most of the large corporations routinely use these products. Since these corporations often buy up smaller companies, you may not always recognize them. Some of the many companies that use GMOs in their products are:

    * Blue Sky
    * Coca Cola
    * Hansen
    * Kraft
    * Nestle
    * Procter and Gamble
    * Libby's
    * Ocean Spray
    * Kellogg
    * Nature Valley
    * Nabisco
    * Hershey
    * Lifesaver
    * Quaker
    * Pepperidge Farm
    * Campbells
    * Frito Lay
    * Hostess
    * Heinz
    * Keebler
    * Crisco
    * Peter Pan
    * Smuckers
    * Skippy
    * Hormel
    * Progresso
    * Eggo
    * Boca
    * Marie Callender
    * Morningstar Farms
    * Stouffers
    * Betty Crocker
    * Pillsbury
    * Aunt Jemima
    * Duncan Hines
    * Beech-nut
    * Enfamil
    * Good Start
    * Similac
    * Isomil
    * Yoplait
    * Land O Lakes
    * Dannon
Some of the items include baby food!  Imagine, without a history on the effects of these foods on humans and considering what they do to animals, we can raise another generation with health concerns.

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