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Facts About Blackwater USA

 Susan Brannon
30 June 2011

Please Note:  I understand that this is a complicated web, but I advise you to take some time and browse through the links and articles listed on the bottom of this post.  If you read the information, you will start to realize how this mess with our money spent on wars, are connected with oil, our government officials, and the contractors. 

Blackwater USA   (North Carolina)
XE  USTC Holdings
•    Founded in 1998 by former Navy Seals, Erik Prince
•    2 June 2011 - Xe Services, the security and training company formerly known as Blackwater, has named a new chief executive officer. USTC Holdings, Xe's parent company, announced Wednesday that Ted Wright will join the company as CEO effective June 13. Wright comes to Xe from Houston-based KBR
•    McCombs is the lead investor in USTC Holdings. The Texas oil executive is a co-founder of Clear Channel Communications and a former owner of the Minnesota Vikings, Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs.
•    former Attorney General John Ashcroft and retired Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, a former director of the National Security Agency, have been brought on board as independent directors. (All Intelligence)
•    Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and XE now lives in the United Arab Emirates, where, The New York Times reported last month, he has assembled an 800-member battalion of foreign troops for the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. (Hampton Roads)
•    J. Cofer Black, Vice Chairman of the Board (former Coordinator in the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State, under Secretary of State Colin Powell)
•    Hillary Clinton, uses Blackwater as her security guards.
•    Blackwater guards were accused of killing 17 civilians in Nisour Square in Baghdad. (NY Times)
•    Blackwater has been allowed close to free reign under a murky legal environment that offers little to no oversight over its operations in Iraq and around the world. 
•    The New York Times is reported that the CIA hired contractors from Blackwater in 2004 as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of al-Qaeda. You Tube  (Democracy Now) No written contract or agreement, congress did not know of the role of Blackwater.
•    In sworn statements, two ex-employees claim Blackwater’s owner, Erik Prince, murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. (Democracy Now)
•    Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.”
•    A sixth Blackwater operative, a guy named Jeremy Ridgeway, (ABC) pled guilty to one count of manslaughter and then another, a lesser count, and is cooperating now with federal authorities.
•    Weapons that were unauthorized for use by the State Department. One of them says he was smuggling them in wrapped in sort of cellophane on his private airplanes, bringing them into Iraq.
•    Bush Pioneers—Bush then launches a war that he describes as a “crusade,” invading not one, but two Muslim countries, and putting Erik Prince and his private force of neo-crusaders at the vanguard of that occupation, guarding all of the senior people that Bush deployed in those countries to be his point men.
•    pro-Blackwater book that was written by CNN executive producer, with Erik Prince’s cooperation, that Gary Jackson, the president of the company, has received some form of a target letter from the Department of Justice.
•     Blackwater continues to do business with the federal government under Barack Obama.
•    Xe Services aiming for $1 billion Afghan police training deal (Daily Herald)
•    former Blackwater security firm was sentenced Tuesday in Norfolk, Va., to more than three years in prison for shooting an Afghan civilian in Kabul in May 2009. (Washington Post)
•    armed personnel opened fire on Iraqi civilians in Nisoor Square in Baghdad on September 16, 2007 by Iraqi citizens injured or the estates of those killed in Nisoor Square. The Defendants include Blackwater founder Erik Prince, U.S. Training Center, Inc. (formerly Blackwater Lodge and Training Center, Inc.), Blackwater Security Consulting LLC, GSD Manufacturing LLC (formerly Blackwater Targets Systems), Raven Development Group LLC, Greystone Limited, The Prince Group LLC, Total Intelligence Solutions LLC, and Xe Services LLC (formerly EP Investments LLC and d/b/a Blackwater Worldwide).
•    The case was initially filed on behalf of Talib Mutlaq Deewan, an Iraqi civilian who was injured by Blackwater personnel during the incident, and the families of three deceased men – Himoud Saed Abtan, Usama Fadhil Abbass, and Oday Ismail Ibraheem. (CCR Justice)
•    subsidiaries also have new names: Blackwater Airships is now Guardian Flight Systems, Blackwater Target Systems is GSD Manufacturing, and Blackwater Lodge and Training Center is the U.S. Training Center. The company also shed its bear-paw and crosshairs logo, for a stylized rendering of the name "Xe." The new head of Blackwater / Xe
US training Center, Paravan, Presidential Airwaves, Tiger Swan, XE Services, Grey Stone (offshore)

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