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L-3 Communications Holdings Inc

Susan Brannon
7 July 2011

Please Note:  I understand that this is a complicated web, but I advise you to take some time and browse through the links and articles listed on the bottom of this post.  If you read the information, you will start to realize how this mess with our money spent on wars, are connected with oil, our government officials, and the contractors. 

L-3 Communications Holdings Inc NY
•    Lockheed Martin Corp. claimed L-3 Communications and its subsidiary, L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, Inc. (collectively referred to as “L-3 Comm” in the lawsuit), deliberately misappropriated its proprietary specifications and designs associated with its P-3 series of marine patrol, anti-submarine aircraft. Lockheed accused L-3 Comm of improperly using the data to secure a contract with the government of South Korea to refurbish eight of the Lockheed planes. In May 2009, a jury found in favor of Lockheed and awarded it over $37 million in damages.
•    L-3 Government Services, Inc., agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle False Claims Act and Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act allegations of fraudulent overbilling on information technology support services contracts. An investigation found that L-3 employees were routinely entering nine hours on their time sheets when in fact they only worked eight
•    L-3 Joint Operations Group (JOG), were temporarily suspended from receiving any new federal contracts or orders, including those under its Special Operations Forces Support Activity (SOFSA) contract. The notice of temporary suspension was issued by the Office of the Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Air Force on June 4, 2010 and relates to an on-going governmental investigation of L-3 SSPD concerning the alleged inappropriate use of an e-mail system.
•    According to the April 30, 2007 Report to Congress of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), a criminal investigation found evidence of fraud involving Mohamed Abdel Latiff Zahed, a linguist employed by L-3 Communications subsidiary Titan Corporation. "CID approached Titan with evidence of fraud and received reimbursement of all funds fraudulently received by employee." Funds recovered from the contractor totaled $31,985.
•    Faheem Mousa Salam, an employee of L-3 Communications subsidiary Titan Corporation in the International Zone in Baghdad, Iraq, was charged with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The criminal complaint, filed in federal court in the District of Columbia, alleged Salam offered payments to Iraqi police officials in exchange for contracts to supply the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq, with protective vests and other equipment.
•    L-3 Vertex Aerospace, a subsidiary of L-3 Communications Corp., paid $4 million to settle allegations that it submitted false and inflated claims to the Army for work on a contract to provide helicopter maintenance services in Iraq.
Information From:  Contractor Misconduct

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