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Egypt Must take Measures to deter Israeli Agression on Gaza

17 November 2012

Reposted email:  By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

As expected, Israel resumed its Nazi-like atrocities in the Gaza Strip, striking homes, mosques and other civilian buildings. Until the time of writing this piece, as many as 12 Palestinians have been murdered, and more than 150 injured, many sustaining serious injuries and burns.

Israel, the main terrorist state of the Middle East, is using the most advanced technology of death in order to murder and maim Palestinian civilians, many of them refugees expelled from their homes and villages in what is now Israel. The Israeli death machine used in this unqualified war, includes, inter alia, F-16 and F-15 jet fighters as well as killer unmanned aircrafts such as Predators.

Needles to say, these state-of-the-art weapons were originally manufactured to fight powerful armies, not murder poor peasants and workers who can hardly feed their kids, which shows the cowardly nature of Israeli criminality and brutal ugliness of the Israeli mentality.

Indeed, for a regional super power, which also tightly controls the government of the only super power in the world, the United States, to gang up on thoroughly impoverished, thoroughly tormented, thoroughly besieged and thoroughly starved people is akin to attacking and murdering Jewish refugees in Nazi-occupied Europe at the hands of the SS, Gestapo and Wehrmacht.

Yes, the bulk of the world may not view Israel as the modern Nazi Germany. But Israel is the Nazi Germany of our times whether we like or not. Israel is Nazi Germany from every conceivable aspect, militarily, politically, ideologically and even economically. In the final analysis, there is more to Nazism than just the national socialist ideology. The brutal ugliness and murderous fascist nature of Zionism would have made the Nazis want to emulate Israel and learn more from it. Israel would have been the perfect model for the Nazis to follow and mimic.

Israel utterly mendaciously claims that it is only responding to rocket attacks launched by Palestinians demanding repatriation to their homes and villages from which they were uprooted at the hands of barbarian Jewish invaders coming from Eastern Europe, with the help of the imperialistic powers of the time.

Israeli hasbara agents would give inflated numbers of Palestinian projectiles landing in Palestinian territories occupied in 1948.

However, the Israeli propaganda is mainly based on lies and disinformation, especially in light of the extremely low number of casualties among Israelis.

Indeed, If Palestinians were truly aiming to kill Israeli civilians, they would have tried to kill many.

On the other hand, thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of children, have been mercilessly killed by the Nazis of our time.

Israel claims it doesn't murder innocent civilians intentionally. But this claim is as valid and credible as claims by Bashar Assad's regime that it doesn't target Syrian civilians deliberately.

Added to this is the fact that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic liberation organization which Israel calls a terrorist group, has repeatedly maintained a difficult truce despite Israel's continual murderous attacks on Palestinian farmers and fishermen.

In truth, Israel is in no position to accuse its victims of terror. Israel stole Palestine from its legitimate and lawful owners, destroyed their homes and towns, bulldozed their fields and orchards and then expelled them at gunpoint all over the globe. Hence, the Jewish state is effectively committing fornication with truth, history and language by accusing its victims, the Palestinians, of terror. 

Having been expelled from their ancestral homeland by violent and brutal force, the Palestinians have an inalienable moral and legal right to fight their tormentor and oppressors. Hence, there is no such a thing as Palestinian attacks against Israel. Israel is thief and murderer. Hence, the Palestinians are only exercising their legitimate right to resist their oppressors and grave-diggers.

The ongoing Israeli assassinations and other acts of murder against Gaza are also meant as a test of the new Egyptian leadership's will.

The recalling of the newly-appointed Egyptian ambassador to Israel is a positive step. However, the Nazi insolence of the terrorist state of the Middle East warrants a more stringent response from Egypt.

A few days ago, Egypt tried to arrange another truce between the forces of resistance and the terrorist Zionist Wehrmacht.

According to news reports, Egypt got the impression that Israel had agreed to a ceasefire. Hence, Egyptian diplomats and other officials were surprised by the Israeli aggression, including the murder of Ahmed Ja'abari, the leading security man in Gaza .

In light, Egypt must make Israel pay a price for this deception.

We know that the Israeli Egyptian relations are a delicate matter and connected with Egyptian-American relations.

But it is also true that the Nazi state of Israel is still and will remain Egypt 's number-one enemy.

Therefore, Egypt must introduce an entirely new pattern of dealing with Israel. A pattern that goes beyond the innocuous practice of recalling ambassadors. 

Yes, rash measures could always backfire. But Egypt, for its own national security interests, must show Israel that the post-Mubarak Egypt is different from defunct Mubarak's Egypt.

The current Islamic leadership in Cairo should go ahead with efforts to renegotiate and amend the unbalanced peace treaty with Israel. Egypt should also make it abundantly clear to Israel that Egypt would make its compliance by and commitment to the Camp David peace treaty contingent upon Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

Egypt should also build a striking military force, including a nuclear deterrent, in preparation for any contingency.

Egypt is a poor nation financially and economically. But Pakistan is even poorer than Egypt, yet the former nation of 190 million successfully built a nuclear deterrent that made India think twice before devouring the second most populous Muslim nation.

Indeed, it is a strategic anomaly for Egypt to remain at the "mercy" of Israel nuclear arsenal for so long. Needless to say, had Egypt succeeded in developing a nuclear deterrence, the thuggish prime minister of Israel Avigdor Leiberman wouldn't have dared to talk about bombing the Aswan Dam.

Finally, it is nice to walk in the path of peace and invest one's efforts and energy to fight poverty and promote economic development. However, when you live in a jungle, one has to be either a wolf, or a fox or a venomous cunning snake in order to survive,

Unfortunately this is the only language that murderous Jewish cutthroats and supremacists such Netanyahu and Leiberman understand.

Yes, President Mursi is no Husni Mubarak. But, the Egyptian, Palestinian, Arab and Muslim peoples expect him to show real resolve vis-à-vis Israel, the terrorist state, par excellence, of the Middle East.

Or else, the very people who voted him in will ultimately vote him out.

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