Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sign Open Letter to Obama: Gazan attack 15 November 2012

25,000 signatures is needed to request Obama  to condition US aid to Israel on compliance with the law which states that it cannot be used to violate the rights of Palestinians. 

Dear President Obama, 

We are Americans from small towns and big cities, and we are Palestinians and Israelis a world away. We are the women, men, and children who are suffering every single day in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, and we are the people from across the world who seek to end that suffering. We are mothers of soldiers and children of refuseniks. We are Jews and Muslims, Christians and atheists, and people of the many other traditions of the world. 

And we are all united by our determination to see a truly just peace take root in Israel and Palestine. That goal became even more elusive during your first term, but the American voters have just given you a second chance to make history. 

Our request is simple. 

Fifteen church leaders have bravely spoken out in a letter to Congress--stating a principle that should be obvious: Israel, the biggest long-term recipient of US aid, should not be above the law. Mr. President, please condition US aid to Israel on compliance with US and international law. It must not be used to violate the rights of Palestinians. 

Anything less is a danger to Palestinians, to Israelis, to Americans and to the entire world.

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